Okinawan Sweet Potatoes & Japanese Yaki-Imo Daydreams

Yaki Imo Truck, Tokyo (by Amehare, Flickr Commons)

Yaki Imo Truck, Tokyo (by Amehare, Flickr Commons)

Okinawan Sweet Potato | A Little Yumminess

This purple Okinawan sweet potato was just too pretty not to share. I mean just look at that color….too gorgeous! We come across these from time to time at the farmers market or at our favorite ethnic produce stores. Intrigued about this ingredient and what to do with it, I did a little reading up about the Yaki-Imo trucks in Japan that roam the streets in the fall and winter months selling Japanese yams roasted over charcoal. The thought of bundled up kids swarming around for warm sweet potatoes for their afterschool “oyatsu”  is a good thought indeed and with the gray, damp chill in the air the last few days it really does seem like the perfect kind of snack for warming up and filling up. There are even school yaki-imo festivals where kids and parents gather to build a big fire out of firewood and fallen leaves and bake tons of sweet potatoes and play games. My kind of party!

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