Fun with Flavor: A Winter Orange Tasting

Winter orange Tasting_A Little Yumminess.jpg

Fun with Flavor_Winter Orange Tasting

The food-related thing that we’re talking about most at my house lately is a little impromptu orange tasting we did after dinner the other night. I sliced up a few different varieties of oranges ┬áthat we had on hand and we took a few minutes to really look at them, smell them and taste them and then capture our thoughts. Beyond just being an easy and fun thing to do, it sparked some interesting conversation and it has made us all want to taste more and more more things which, it turns out, is quite different than just eating them. You could do this with just about anything carrots, jelly beans, cheese, tomatoes, soy sauce, chocolate…… would make a fun kitchen play date activity too. Continue reading

Citrus Sweet, Citrus Sour

Citrus Love by A Little Yumminess


Over the last few months we’ve devoured bags of cuties, puckered up for tangelos, peeled navel orange after navel orange, and cooked up a storm with meyer lemons from my mom and dad’s tree. But our favorite citrus of the season has to be the elusive sumo orange. Continue reading