Spring Things

A few spring things we’re loving right now….. What’s giving you spring fever?

These "sumo" citrus are seedless, incredibly easy to peel, and super super sweet, with just a whisper of a membrane around each segment. Heaven in a peel!

Basil pesto tastes best when made barefoot on a sunshiny day. Two secrets for keeping it gorgeously green: 1) blanch the basil leaves in boiling water for a few seconds, then plunge them into ice water and squeeze dry before blending your pesto 2) crush up a vitamin c tablet and blend it with your pesto, the citric acid will keep the basil from oxidizing.

Sweet and zippy, we love to celebrate the season with tender spring onions.

Nothing gives you that springtime feeling like feeding a baby goat. You can visit this little guy at Harley Farm in Pescadero.