Liz Prueitt’s Healthy Flax Muffins (gluten free)

Liz Prueitt's Healthy Muffins

One of the best Instagram accounts I have come across belongs to Liz Prueitt of Tartine Bakery fame. Via her Instagram feed you can follow along with her as she tests and develops recipes which is pretty cool if you’re interested in how that process happens and getting inside the mind of a chef. Most recently she’s turned much of her attention to gluten free baking where she’s been exploring GF twists on classics as well as new, creative inventions, comparing different substitutions and combinations. (She’s got savory cooking projects going on as well). Some posts share the refined, end result of many cycles of testing, other times you get to see the trials and errors along the way. The very best part is that she often throws shorthand recipes onto her posts so you can cook along at home. And since she’s sharing in real-time, her posts always reflect what’s in season right now.

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Struwen (Good Friday Pancakes)

Good Friday Pancakes from Germany - West Phalian Stuwen | A Little Yumminess

We’re hanging for spring break this week, doing the stay-cation thing and entertaining ourselves with bike rides, bug hunts in the yard, visits to friends and little mini adventures close to home. Yesterday we had the chance to slip in a quick culinary trip to to central Germany to try our hands at making a West Phalian Easter-time treat called struwen, a barely sweet, yeasted pancake with raisins. I would describe struwen as somewhere between a pancake, biscuit and a churro …. can you ever really ever go wrong with fried bread?

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