Cooking with Kiddos: Roasted Mushrooms, Potatoes and Green Beans


The munchkin and I are hoping to cook more together and I am trying to get Ria involved in making more “real food” as she gets older.  This casserole is a good one to work on with kids who are learning how to use knives.  We practiced the “bridge” and “claw” method of cutting the mushrooms and green beans.  I helped out a little bit with the onion and potato, but next time, I will let her do more and pretty much make the whole dish by herself.

Kids love feeling “grown up” and using knives, and if you watch them closely and teach them the right techniques, they actually do quite well on their own.  We just need to get over our own fears and in my experience, if you trust and empower children, they generally do well (and respect the knife).  Plus, if they make it themselves, they will practically eat anything.

Roasted Mushrooms, Potatoes and Green Beans from Williams Sonoma
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