Quick Dinners: Soy-Tahini Chicken Salad with Marinated Avocados

This recipe was recently published in our “rotisserie chicken magic” series for the San Jose Mercury News’ “Fast and Furious Weeknight Cooking” column. It’s light and fresh and perfect for a summery lunch or supper! Get the recipe here:

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Avocado TimeAvocados! Love ’em in avocado toast, guacamole, grilled (!)….. but I recently discovered the magic of marinating them which is especially great for salads or sandwiches. I’m learning, the more I cook, about the importance of seasoning each element of a dish — especially for things like tacos, salads and sandwiches. The result is so much more than the sum of its parts…. and avocados while dreamy and creamy, definitely need a boost in the seasoning department.

This avocado marinade/salad dressing is a good quickie because it requires no mincing of shallots or garlic, simply a vigorous shake in a jar (a nice mini cooking project for kids). I love the nutty, toasted sesame flavor of the tahini in this but you could certainly substitute your favorite creamy nut butter.  I’m a big fan of the tahini they have in the bulk section at Rainbow Grocery in SF (sometimes jars of tahini can be off in flavor if they’ve been sitting too long). There’s also a DIY tahini how-to over at the Kitchen, if you want to give making it from scratch a try.

Get the recipe for Soy-Tahini Chicken Salad with Marinated Avocados

More avocado & tahini yumminess:


Thai Curried Noodles


This dish looks way more complicated than it actually is.  And it is probably as beautiful as it is tasty.  We developed this recipe recently for the San Jose Mercury and our editor made it once for her family and then made it again a few days later.  Nothing makes us smile more than a successful recipe and positive feedback, especially from our editor (since she knows food!).

It also is far easier than it probably looks.  We use store bought red curry paste (which I always “gussy up”) and a grocery rotisserie chicken.  Technically cheating, but who cares?  When you can get something this tasty on the table for dinner, no one will ask about the short-cuts you took.  My little one’s face lights up when this is on the menu and I am thinking we need to make it again soon.

You can use “light coconut milk”, but I am not a fan at all.  I have tried it and hated it, low-fat coconut milk in my book, just doesn’t cut it.  But don’t let my snobbery stop you. 🙂  You can also use Asian noodles, but thin or regular spaghetti works just fine.  Not the the real thing, but definitely good enough and somewhat reminds me of the laksa I grew up eating. Continue reading

Rotisserie Chicken Magic: Hainanese Chicken Rice

chicken rice

New Year.  New Beginnings.  New Projects.

We are on a brand-new mission to make daily meals easier by taking a store bought rotisserie chicken and turning it into a delicious, international-themed family meal.  For our first project, we turned the rotisserie chicken into a favorite of mine: Hainanese Chicken Rice from Singapore.  The whole family loved this meal – it’s tough to go wrong with chicken and rice, plus your favorite greens with some killer condiments.  Definitely not as good as the real thing one gets in Singapore, but it hits the spot when the craving hits – with minimal effort.  If you have any ideas on what else we can turn a rotisserie chicken into – send them our way.  We are super excited about our “Rotisserie Chicken Magic” project.

Stacie and I have made Hainanese Chicken Rice from scratch before and should you want to try the “real recipe”, it is on our blog.  This recipe below, we created for the San Jose Mercury Food and Wine section and they featured it this past weekend in their “Fast and Furious Weeknight Cooking” – a bi-weekly column that we write for the paper.  Another project we are LOVING!
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