The Most Requested Meal

Salmon by Luca-A Little Yumminess

Using the ricer

Puttin’ some muscle into it!

It goes in phases, but the most requested meal at Casa Stacie right now is oven roasted salmon and mashed potatoes (and a green veg or salad for good measure). The kids ask for this dinner all the time and so it’s a frequent one on our dinner table. They’ve also asked to learn how to make this meal themselves. So each time we cook this dinner they have been taking on more and more of cooking tasks. They’ve been working on: Continue reading

Guest Post: Salmon with Teriyaki Glaze and Broccoli

My friend, Fern who lives all the way in Australia and I had lost touch until very recently.  She moved to Australia for college while I stayed behind and during the initial years we kept in touch by writing good old fashioned blue aerograms to each other.  Somehow in the transition from snail mail to email we lost each other.  We reconnected via Facebook (there are some advantages to giving up your privacy) and I was amused and delighted to see on Facebook the photos of the yummy looking food she cooked regularly.

She just started her own blog, To Food with Love and has been posting some pretty delicious creations. The recipe below is just one of the amazing dishes she has been cooking up.

We have not spoken for years but are now in constant touch through our shared love of food, cooking and taking photos of our food.  Interestingly enough, when we were friends in high school, we never talked about food.  I didn’t even know she was such a foodie.  Perhaps, we had more important things to discuss (Chemistry, Physics and boys!).

Fern, had we known this about each other I am sure we would have been much better friends. 🙂

Salmon with Teriyaki Glaze and Broccoli

When the kids are at home, I try to prepare a simple dinner that doesn’t require too much time in the kitchen or over the stove. Usually, that means using the oven (roasts and grills), braising or steaming. Somehow, Japanese food can be so simple to prepare with such basic ingredients, which is why I decided on baked salmon teriyaki with a simple side of steamed broccoli. Quick, easy and delicious. Here is the recipe below:

3/4 lb salmon
Sauce and marinade:
1/3 cup Japanese soy sauce
1/3 cup mirin
1 tbsp sake
2 tsp caster sugar
1 tbsp brown sugar
  1. Preheat oven to 400F
  2. Coat the salmon with some of the marinade and stand for 10 minutes. Place in an oven-proof dish and bake in oven for about 10 minutes (depending on thickness of the salmon) or until done to your liking. Do not overcook. Baste with marinade once or twice while baking.
  3. Place the rest of the marinade in a saucepan and bring to a simmer, and cook till reduced to a thick syrupy consistency. Drizzle over salmon and serve with Japanese sushi rice or Thai Jasmine rice.
Garlic Seaweed Broccoli

1 small head of broccoli
2 cloves garlic, thinly sliced
1 sheet nori/seaweed, torn into pieces (note from Simran – I did not use)
1 tsp soy sauce
2 tbsp peanut oil
Pinch of salt
  1. Steam broccoli until cooked (2 min. or so). Alternatively, blanch in a pot of salted boiling water with a dash of oil added to it. Remove, drain and place in a bowl/plate.
  2. Heat up oil in a small pan and fry garlic till light brown and crisp. Remove garlic and place on top of broccoli. Sprinkle a little salt to season.
  3. Add the seaweed to the pan with the garlic oil and sear for a few seconds. Remove from heat and carefully add the soy sauce into the pan. Pour onto broccoli, toss lightly and serve.

First Guest Post: Salmon Broccoli Pasta

The first anything always holds a special place.  Our first guest post is particularly special – it comes all the way from Singapore from a high school friend I have not had contact with since we graduated.  Facebook and food reunited us and it’s hard to not get the warm fuzzies about it.  It suddenly feels like the world is not such a big place, Singapore not so far away and that really not that much time has passed….

Salmon Broccoli Pasta

By Hui Ping Ho

This is one of those “save-the-day” one-pot dishes that I can always rely on when my pantry is low on supplies. Quick and healthy with the omega-3 from the salmon and the anti-oxidants from the broccoli. I also get to satisfy the constant whining from Benjamin: ‘Mama, I want to eat noodles; Mama I want to eat noodles….’ You get the idea…for Benjamin anything that is not rice, is noodles, so use any kind of pasta!

To prepare:

  • Cook pasta in salted water per directions on package
  • Microwave salmon with butter (1 tbsp of butter with about 12 oz of salmon) or pan-fry in butter.  Flake salmon with a fork.
  • Steam broccoli (yes, in the microwave as well or steamer)
  • Dice garlic, cut up onions (onions are optional but they really add to the flavor of the dish).  Dice the red chili if using.
  • Heat up the wok real hot (I confess – I use the wok for pasta…)
  • Pour in olive oil (1-2 tbsp) and throw in garlic (onions & chili if using)
  • Sprinkle some salt and pepper according to taste (use sparingly for the little ones)
  • Then add  pasta, salmon and broccoli
  • Stir fry for a bit (2-3 minutes) and serve

And that’s it! 🙂