Currently Craving…. Sunrise Deli Falafel

Avocado Falafel_Sunrise Deli | A Little Yumminess

When the craving for falafel hits we usually make a beeline for Sunrise Deli on Irving Street in the Sunset District (you can also find them in Berkeley and at two locations in downtown SF). While I always get the avocado-falafel sandwich — neon pink pickled turnips! — my boys prefer their falafel a la carte, straight out of the bag still warm and crispy from the fryer. My littlest one in particular will keep his hand thrust out and will chant a chorus of “more…. more… more…..” until I can prove to him that the bag is empty. That’s just as well I guess because while falafel sandwiches are super yum, they are also guaranteed to be super messy. And for a spill-prone eater as myself, I can pretty much expect to find myself wearing a side of hummus. Continue reading

Sunday Sketch: Al Fresco Lunch at Coffee Bar (SF)

On a recent beautiful spring day we found ourselves on Mariposa and Florida Streets around noon and decided to do some al fresco lunching at Coffee Bar. We went for the “Slim Jim”, one of the sandwiches du jour featuring salami and crispy battered onions. In a nutshell: Tasty coffee, pretty good sandwich and a cool patio setting complete with potted succulents and urban hipsters.


Coffee Bar SF_By Stacie.jpg