Sea Salt and Rosemary

I’m forever jotting things down, especially on vacation, and most especially when I’ve come across something tasty. A beachside lunch during a trip to Sardinia a few years back yielded this page in my notebook. A pinch of sea salt and rosemary would be good on a whole lot of things and now I may finally get around to putting some together for my pantry.

It’s also a fun mini project to do with someone small. Pick some rosemary (in our climate it grows everywhere!) & let it dry for a few days. Then let the little one break it up and mix with sea salt. Grab your funnel and scoop it all into a salt mill. Voila! I’ll probably also have my son help me draw a label and customize some cute little jars so that we can share with friends.

I know Luca will like helping with this one, and I will enjoy having this on hand when I roast meat or veg or to sprinkle on soup or pasta. While we’re at it we’ll probably make up some of Michael Chiarello’s divine Fennel Spice mix. It’s a must-have in our pantry and we’re nearly out. Do you have any favorite customized spice mixes? Let me know!