Magical Spice Mix: Madras Curry Powder

madras curry powder

For the longest time, I used to buy my curry powder at the Indian grocery store.  Never from a regular grocery store, because who knows how long those spices has been sitting on the shelves. You always want to buy your spices from a spot that churns through them very quickly.  Plus, spices are always less expensive at ethnic stores.  And the spice mixes are often more authentic and tastier (in my opinion) at the ethnic markets.  However, recently, I started making my own Madras Curry Powder and now even the stuff from the Indian grocery store isn’t good enough.

The recipes for Madras curry powder are countless, this is just a version that we love. If you do not fancy any particular spice, you can reduce the amount you add or even leave it out. Looking for a milder curry powder, then omit the cayenne or dried red chilies. We love this curry powder in coconut curries made with vegetables, shrimp or fish. It is also fabulous with roasted chicken drumsticks with carrots for an easy dinner. You can add it to soups, a variety of roasted vegetables (particularly good with cauliflower) or even a make a curried chicken salad with it. Continue reading